The Bug Lab exhibition was an interactive experience hosted at Auckland Zoo December 2017 to May 2018.

Developed by Te Papa and Weta Workshop, this exhibition was promoted through a series of eye-catching activations in the city. These exhibitions highlighted the unique qualities of New Zealand bugs and complemented the fascinating and immersive campaign material already created.

One of the activations that appeared in Auckland was a 9m x 9m spider web, which was showcased at Silo Park. The web featured a spiral design alongside ‘glow in the dark’ light fixtures for an impressive display both day and night. Read more about the exhibition here.

Inspired by the webs of orb-web spiders – many species of which are native to New Zealand – this stunning web could house a monstrous spider!

Here’s a link to the video showing the installation process.

Hampidjan templated and scaled up a spider web image on graph paper, and then replicated this onto a larger net mesh. Our DyNet netting was then used as backing to provide strength and stability to the rope web.

Dynet netting is a superior netting if you require maximum strength with low drag resistance. Our Dynet is made from Dyneema super fibres from the Dutch company DSM. It is knotted with double knots which completely prevents knot slippage and net distortion – perfect for holding up a 9m x 9m spider web!

At Hampidjan our team of net makers and riggers are highly experienced and dedicated to offering great netting solutions for your project. We provide a large and varied selection of netting, rope, twine and hardware fixings, which enables us to manufacture and install for a wide variety of projects. These may include containment nets, fall prevention systems, impact nets – and even super-sized spider webs!

When it comes to aquaculture we can manufacture cage nets and predator prevention nets to fit your site requirements and quality standards. We use a certified Dynamometer mesh breaking machine, which allows us to monitor net degradation and recommend timelines for net replacement so you can be assured that your assets are safe.

Our qualified and experienced team are happy to assist you with your needs.

Contact us today for assistance on the best solution for your project or situation, our skilled and experienced staff will be happy to help you.

The completed spider web ready to be installed

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