Today we are cheering on young sailor Noah Malpot from Nelson Yacht Club. Noah is back in Nelson after competing in the 2019 New Zealand Optimist National Championships in Auckland, and the 2019 European Championships in France. 

Noah battled a vast range of conditions and emerged with some well earned victories, placing 7th New Zealander overall for the final series in Auckland, just missing out on the World Championship qualification by two points. In France, he won 1st in the silver fleet, coming 60th overall. 

Noah battling the choppy Auckland waters

Noah enjoyed some excellent conditions and boat speed in the qualification series in Auckland, where he achieved great results. 

“The start of the regatta was run in relatively light winds… I had some great races and was 6th on the leaderboard and 4th New Zealander at the end of the qualification series,” Noah said. 

The final series was set to run across three days against some tough competition, but rough weather made for some exciting and difficult races. 

The first day of the series was plain sailing for Noah, who came up 4th overall and 2nd New Zealander. “I came up with two excellent results on the first day to strengthen my position on the leaderboard.” 

Noah was feeling confident on the second day of the series, but unsettled weather meant that the race had to be postponed. 

On the last day of the series Noah was in deep water, where the unfamiliar Auckland chop was a challenge to maneuver. 

 “The wind turned to a gusty Southwester… I struggled that day and simply focused on ‘damage control’. It was difficult to get my boat going quick and I could see that I was losing places. A stressful morning.” 

From these great results, Noah qualified for the European Championships in Crozon, France, where he represented New Zealand with his expert sailing skills. 

Noah competing in a race at the 2019 European Championships

A lack of wind of the first day meant Noah spent the day on land making friends with competitiors from other countries, but on the second day he sailed two races in light conditions. 

On the final day of racing, the conditions were more windy; “I managed to win the silver fleet after a great day racing with three races on the last day,” Noah said. “The closing ceremony was awesome.” 

Noah in the Hampidjan office with his medals from the European Championships

Noah received a half hull trophy and a medal of honour from the Crozon major. 

We congratulate Noah on some great sailing and wish him the best of luck in his future competitions! 

“Thanks to Hampidjan for supporting me to attend this international regatta.” 

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