Type 21 VFSD Flipper Heavy Duty

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The Type 21 VFSD heavy duty semipelagic door is a combination trawl door that can be used both for bottom and pelagic fishing.


The best spreading semipelagic trawl door in the world.

The Type 21 VFSD “Flipper” heavy duty semi pelagic trawl door is an all-round high aspect trawldoor, used for many different kinds of fishing setups, such as bottom fishing and pelagic fishing.

The type 21-vfsd heavy duty semipelagic trawldoors are made with extra reinforcements on all stress and wear points. The trawldoors will last for a long time even working the worst rock bottom.

From the softest bottom in the baltic sea to the toughest rocky mountains in the Indian ocean and the Atlantic Ocean the type 21vfsd trawl door from Thyboron trawldoors will be the best option.

The type 21-vfsd heavy duty version trawl door can be made in all weights and sizes, they are all fitted with bolted on manganesee wearshoes.

This heavy duty semipelagic “Flipper door” has four flaps in the back of the door. Two on the upper part and two on the lower part, that can be opened manually. The advantage when doing that is, that the surface area is reduced by up to 12,4% and the spreading power can be reduced by up to 17%. At the same time the door’s resistance can be reduced by up to 25%. Basically you will have two door sizes in one. Furthermore these flaps can also be used to adjust the pitch and roll.


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