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We offer a wide variety of wire ropes for a diverse range of industries from commercial fishing & yachting, through to crane wires and the horticultural industry.
Please contact us to enable us to ascertain your exact requirements given the importance of having the right product for the right application.

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Usha Martin Wire Ropes

Wire Rope - Usha Martin BrandUsha Martin Limited is a Speciality Steel and Steel Product focused group with a diverse product range in both steel as well as wire rope.

It is one of the largest wire rope manufacturers in the world. It is also the only wire rope company in the world that has a totally integrated business module to convert iron-ore into steel wire ropes as well as build its own wire drawing and rope making machinery.

The steel wire ropes range from 1.5mm to 140mm in size, 1370 to 2160 N/mm2 in grade and encompass all constructions and all configurations including Non-Compacted, Compacted, Plasticated, Flattened Strand, Locked Coil Ropes and Slings.


Basic Wire Rope Components

Wire Rope - six strand cross section
Wire rope consists of three basic components:

  1. the wires that form the strand
  2. the strands that lay around the core
  3. the core which the foundation of any wire rope.

These basic wire rope components vary both in complexity and configuration to produce a wide range of wire ropes for specific purposes and applications.

Wires can be made from a variety of materials, the most common being high-carbon steel. This is available in a variety of grades which are pre-determined in the manufacture of the rope based on the intended use and application of the wire rope.

Strands are made up of two or more wires, laid in any one of the many specific geometric arrangements, or in a combination of steel wires with some other materials such as natural or synthetic fibres.

The Core is the foundation of a wire rope; it is made of materials that will provide proper support for the strands under normal bending and loading conditions. Core materials include fibres (hard vegetable or synthetic) or steel. A steel core consists either of a strand or an independent wire rope.

The three most commonly used core designations are: fibre core (FC), independent wire rope core (IWRC), and wire strand core (WSC).

Conventional wire ropes are used in a wide range of applications: lifting, hoisting, lashing, towing, mooring, hauling, logging, drilling, etc. A wide range of sizes and constructions are available for various usages. Different constructions have different characteristics suitable for different uses depending on the design’s requirement of the strength, fatigue resistance, wear resistance, flexibility and abrasion resistance.


How to Measure Wire Rope

Measure the circle just touching the extreme outer limits (crown) of the strands.

Wire Rope - How to measure with vernier calipers correctlyWire Rope - How to measure with vernier calipers incorrectly


Fishing Wire Rope

Wire Rope - 6 strand cross sectionCommercial fishing fleets use a variety of wire ropes in purse seining and trawling operations. Hampidjan’s Wire Rope Services provides commercial fishing operators with a wide variety of high quality reliable wire ropes for their fishing vessels.

Constructed using specialised methods and materials, Hampidjan’s fishing wire ropes are purpose built to last and perform in the corrosive and hard wearing environment of commercial fishing. All Hampidjan’s wire ropes are manufactured by Usha Martin or Kiswire Ltd.

Common construction types for commercial fishing include; three strand 3×19 and six strand 6×19 and 6×26 galvanised wire ropes. Depending on customer needs these wire ropes may have a fibre or steel core and either be standard construction or compacted for increased strength and durability.

Hampidjan NZ Ltd supply wire rope of any construction and size as the need may be. The most common sizes of fishing wire ropes range from 8mm up to 28mm diameter.
Any requirements outside of common sizes and construction can be catered for by special order.

Fishing Industry - fishing boat in rough water


Crane Wire Rope for Power Crane applications

Power Crane Wire Rope

Cranes throughout New Zealand demand a wide range of specialised wire ropes designed specifically for crane usage. The reliability and performance of crane wire rope is an integral part of the high safety standards set by New Zealand power crane operators and owners.

Wire ropes for cranes range from 10mm 19×7 rotation resistant to 23mm 35×7 IWRC non-rotating wires.

Hampidjan NZ Ltd supplies Usha Martin crane wire.



Yachting Wire Rope

Sailing Yacht on calm sea with blue skyYacht rigging wire ropes are generally supplied in stainless steel with the odd use of galvanised. Stainless steel wire ropes used for yacht rigging generally range from 1.5mm up to 14mm. Popular construction types include 1×19 for stays and shrouds and 6×19 for more flexibility in running back stays, halyard tail ends and winch ropes. PVC coated wires are also often used.

Hampidjan NZ Ltd yacht rigging services include full rigging and swage fitting, braid to wire splicing, rope splicing and traditional hand splicing.

A full range of stainless yacht rigging fittings are available including shackles, eye bolts, rigging screws, clips, rings, thimbles, links, blocks, grips and insulators as well as a full range of braided ropes and dyneema ropes – DynIce 75.


Stainless Steel Wire Rope

Wire Rope used in stainless steel balustradingStainless steel wire rope is used in many applications. Designed for both presentation and performance stainless steel wire rope is suited to environments generally exposed to the elements while maintaining its high quality look and feel as well as its structural integrity.

Not only used on yachts for stay wire and general rigging, stainless steel wire is used for many building applications such as Balustrade on building sites and homes.

Hampidjan NZ Ltd supplies a large range of stainless steel wire rope types and sizes suitable to many different applications. All associated stainless steel fittings are also available.


Stay Strand Wire Rope

Wire Rope supporting electrical power poleThere are many applications for stay strand wire ropes. More popular sizes range between 5mm to 12mm using either galvanised or stainless steel wire.

A common use for galvanised stay wire is in the electricity industry using the wire to stay power poles and tower structures. This is normally between 7mm and 10mm galvanised 1×7 wire rope.

Another common use for galvanised stay strand wire is in the horticultural industry e.g Hop Gardens
Hampidjan NZ Ltd supplies a wide range of sizes of stay strand wire for various uses and applications. Wire can be ordered at any size and length and can be delivered on reels or in simple coils of varying sizes.




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