Hampidjan (loosely translated means “Hemp Factory”) has its origins in Reykjavik in Iceland. Hampidjan’s design and production of innovative fishing gear has enabled them to successfully establish net lofts and repair facilities worldwide.

Hampidjan New Zealand Ltd has been operating in Nelson since 1997. In 1999 a net loft was opened in Timaru to service the fishing fleets in Timaru and the lower half of the South Island. On 1 April 2006 Hampidjan purchased the operations of Nelrig Wire Rope Services Ltd, Nelson as a further step in the company’s long term commitment to provide good service and a comprehensive range of quality products to its customers.

Hampidjan New Zealand Ltd provides an extensive range of netting, twine & rope, wire, chain, hardware, fittings and products for commercial fishing, farming, aquaculture, logging, yachting, engineering, heavy lifting, building and many other industries.

We are suppliers of DYNICE 75 and DYNICE DUX super rope – “Stronger than steel – light as a feather”. A world leader in the technology of Dyneema ropes, DYNICE is manufactured by Hampidjan HF for worldwide use in offshore, maritime, commercial fishing, yachting, lifting, towing and military applications.


Nelson Factory

Hampidjan New Zealand Ltd has been operating in Nelson since 1997. The business services both the domestic and commercial markets and operates from 82 Vickerman Street, Port Nelson. Our friendly, experienced team is always happy to help you find the appropriate products and fittings to meet your requirements. Net making and design, splicing, rigging, testing and certification services are all available on site. Products can be tailor made for specific tasks for any industry and for various commercial, leisure, military and rescue activities including shipping, sailing, towage and aviation.

A certified in-house hydraulic tensile load testing facility with 100 tonne capacity and 14.5 metre bed length is available for testing and proof loading wire and rope strops, slings, blocks and chains. Our 600 tonne capacity swaging machine enables us to provide swaged eyes and assorted fittings to wire ropes from 1.5mm up to 34mm in diameter.

Opening hours are from 8.00am to 4.30pm Monday through Friday. Service outside of these hours is not a problem. For enquiries after hours, call Karen on 021 224 8466 or Paul on 021 548 795. EFTPOS facility available, FARMLANDS card welcome.


Hampidjan Timaru branch

The Timaru branch of Hampidjan New Zealand Ltd opened in Hayes Street in the Timaru Port area in 1999. As New Zealand’s leading Southern net makers, we pride ourselves in supplying an efficient service to the fishing industry. The services encompass designing and building new trawls to meet individual vessel requirements, repairs, ships chandlery, as well as advice and up to date information on products and the latest Research & Development in the fishing industry.

Our services include rigging. Our 600 tonne capacity press enables us to swage  eyes and assorted fittings to wire ropes from 1.5mm up to 32mm in diameter.  Customers are not restricted to the fishing and maritime industries as many hardware, rope, netting and twine products, rigging supplies and our well known “DYNICE” super rope are of interest to many.

Opening hours are 7.30 am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday. After hours phone Carolyn 021 704443. EFTPOS facility available, FARMLANDS card welcome.


In the Spring of 1934, in the middle of the Great Depression, thirteen individuals gathered a small fortune to begin a venture in Reykjavik Iceland to manufacture fishing nets, ropes and fishing long lines for the local fishing fleet. The founders named their new company HAMPIDJAN.

The Hampidjan Group has evolved to become the world leader in making and servicing quality ropes and commercial fishing gear. The group operates several entities worldwide, including four in Iceland, two in Denmark, two in Ireland, three in the USA, one in Newfoundland, two in New Zealand, one in Lithuania and one in Australia.

Among the Group’s entities are companies with strong local and international backgrounds, rooted in servicing dynamic fisheries for several decades including Swan Net Gundry in Ireland and Scotland and Cosmos Trawl in Denmark. Although the final assembly and on-site service of ready-made fishing gear takes place at each location, where the fishing fleets dock, the production of netting, ropes, twine and large trawls, takes place in our factory and in Lithuania and net loft in Iceland.

Our primary objective is to help boost the efficiency and profitability of our customers. We choose to conduct constant research and product development through underwater and flume tank research, sophisticated computer software simulation and extensive on-site trials. All this is done to ensure that in the global market place, whether for fisheries, the oil industry, the military or various leisure activities, our customers can trust that our products are always second to none.


DYNICE rope is produced in our factory which has ISO 9000 certification (refer to certificates below). DYNICE rope is Lloyd’s Register certified. We are suppliers of certified chain,wire and hardware.


Certification 1Certification 2Certification 3


For your important enquires, please contact:

Karen Culley – Managing Director
Mobile: 021 2248466

Paul Freeman – Sales Manager
Mobile: 021 548 795

Suzy Jeffery – Office and Workshop Manager
Phone: 021 034 9468

Luke Irving – Senior Netmaker – Nelson
Mobile: 0210 256 2605

Carolyn Collier – Branch Manager – Timaru
Mobile: 021 704 443

Hampidjan Group – never far away from
your fishing grounds

Hampidjan Ltd – Reykjavik, Iceland

Swan Net – Grundry – Killybegs, Ireland

Cosmos Trawl – Hirtshals, Denmark

Itsaskorda – Spain

Rope, Net & Twine – Newfoundland, Canada

StrongRope – Sydney, Australia

NZ Rigging – Auckland, New Zealand

North Sails – Auckland, New Zealand

Southern Spars – Auckland, New Zealand

Our Location

Hampidjan New Zealand Ltd
82 Vickerman Street,
Port Nelson, New Zealand
Phone: +64-3-548 7942

Timaru Branch
110 Fraser Street, Timaru
New Zealand
Phone: +64-3-688 0037