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DynIce® tug ropes are lightweight and long lasting tugging ropes for fast harbour towing operations. They are far stronger than conventional synthetic tug ropes stronger than steel and made from Dyneema®.

Therefore they are an excellent choice to replace steel wire ropes.


Tugboats equipped with DynIce Tug ropes can perform tugging operations faster than those using steel wire or polyester ropes due to the lightness and easy handling of the ropes.

The DynIce Tug rope floats on water and light to pull up through the fairlead and attach on the bollard. The lightness speeds up the operation and each tug can take more towing’s over the day. Less crew is needed on-board due to the lightness and flexibility of the rope.

The lifetime exceeds many times the lifetime of the steel wire and polyester and degradation due to corrosion is none.

The surface is soft and will not damage painted areas on the tug boat itself or the vessel.

Special rope construction is used with two parallel strands in a 12 strand braid. This gives very even surface and the abrasion properties are better than in conventional 8 or 12 strand ropes where the strands are giving uneven surface and the top of the strands will take all the chafing.

Safety is improved as there are no broken wires sticking out from the rope and backlash in DynIce is much less than in other synthetic ropes.

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